Colonial Past

Stop the world, I want to get off!!

What’s going on? it’s all gone mad?
gone so very wrong it’s all so sad 😞
Nobody’s happy safe or contented,
We’ve become so angry and opinionated

It’s now gone too far it’s way out of line
Don’t know if we’ll be able to heal this time?
Friends we once had now no longer in touch
The hate and the anger it all got too much

Passions so high to the point of hysteria
about people from Africa Caribbean and Algeria
Something which happened centuries ago
It’s come back to haunt us though we didn’t know?

Things which happened in years gone by
Wouldn’t now be acceptable for you or I
It’s all about our colonial past
Which treated black people a lower class

We can’t rewind time and start afresh
So it wouldn’t be an issue the colour of your flesh
It’s strange something so natural as the colour or your skin
Could cause so much pain and anguish within?

It changed everything the world opened its eyes
It took more brutality where another man dies
It’s now gone berserk statues being uprooted
The reason for being there strongly disputed

Now we wait can it ever be resolved?
Now black history will be studied in schools and be told
Wonder how it would have been the other way round?
it now has to change so equality is found

Kim hicks June 2020©️

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