The Scales of Injustice

How can this be?!!!

I replaced the batteries and dusted off the scales
I get on very gingerly would it help if I inhale?
This must be a mistake? some sick kind of joke?
I give it a shake a rattle and a poke

Now I know I’ve overdone it with biscuits and cake
But even so it’s made a huge mistake?! 😮
I look around to see who’s playing this sick game?
Nobody it’s true only me who’s to blame

Maybe return it? pretend it’s not happening
As I tuck into roast spuds with pork and the crackling 🐽
Maybe one last apple crumble with cream for pud?
I should have said no if I were stronger I could

I sat down with my iPad with a large glass of gin
Was shocked an accidental ’Selfie’ revealed my chin!
That’s it!! must take my head out of the sand
all things fattening are now well and truly banned!

Please don’t tempt me with a takeaway
Get rid of the gin bottles they really can’t stay
The only trouble is I want this fat gone this minute
Should I make an appointment for the bariatric clinic? June 2020©️

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