A Pantomime

It always turns into one!!!

We’ve patiently waited long enough
Been a long time now it’s been tough
We watch in isolation as the seasons change
Freedom we all took for granted now is strange

We got through Brexit - only just
Now it’s COVID-19 It’s all too much!
BLM is now taking a stand
It’s all too sensory and out of hand!

Couldn’t we space out our tales of woe?
So everything doesn’t happen all in one go?
We could sort everything out one thing at a time
Instead of turning it into a pantomime!

We have a virus unknown to man
But we carry on as best we can
Seriously what else could possibly go wrong?
We should stick together we all belong

When we come out when this is all over
We’ll be more compassionate after this exposure
Be more understanding and so much kinder
After all 2020 will forever be a reminder

Kimhicksgmail.com June 2020©️

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