Imaginary Pains?

Shall I ?
Imaginary pains?

Depends on your age and how you react
Don’t jump out of bed because of your back!
Lay there first and compose your aches
Are they for real or are they fake? 🤔

Does your mind play tricks and invent these pains?
And if so? What could it possibly gain?
So many aches to many to quote
Will have to write them down and make a note

Try not to moan - it’s not a good look
Don’t get much sympathy - not in my book!
Do gentle sit ups and do things lightly
Engage in some activity to become more sprightly

Maybe become a member of the local gym?
A strenuous workout a sauna then swim 🏊‍♀️
Pilates or yoga maybe more apt
Just for a while until my body adapts

Don’t have to worry whilst in your youth
It’s only when your a little long in the tooth
Might start off slowly with the exercise bike
It’s been my clothes horse for drying at night

I’ll just have a cuppa and weigh up my options
as I browse through the exercise bike instructions
This exercise lark is not for the faint hearted
I’m now a bit worried of just what I have Started? June 2020©️

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