Just how it was in the 70’s

Must have, Glitter Ball!!

Thursday night is when the fun began
Scamps in the Westgate was our plan
Friday night was always Minchery Farm
Fingals on Saturday Sunday The Queens Arms

Took ages getting ready Shalamar, blaring out
‘TURN THAT DOWN!’ my mum would shout!
Never could get the hair looking just right
Worried ‘after tea’ will the dress be too tight?

Off we went in my dodgy Morris Marina
Not much handbrake and faulty gear lever
It had an M.O.T and never let me down
My trusty car got us all over town!

Dancing all night to the funky beats 🎼
We were young then didn’t need any seats!
Watch all the lads all propping up the bar
Getting Some Dutch courage from afar

We drank so much and thought it so funny
Until I opened my purse up on Sunday?
Where did my wages all disappear?
My memory of it is not all too clear

Drank like it was going out of time
Port and lemon and vodka and lime 🤢
Drinking lots and too much smoking
My throat was dry and Voice was croaking

Of course then we could drink and drive
God knows though how we all survived?
Drinking smoking like we were celebrities
That’s just how it was in the 1970’s

Kimhicksgmail.com June 2020

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