Just do one!!!

Go on ~ do one
There once was a virus called Covid
that just wouldn’t go away
We tried all ways to rid it
but sadly it’s here to stay

We stayed indoors for ages
thinking 🤔 we were doing right
switch the telly on In the evening
To see partying through the night 🕺🏿

Something’s gone so very wrong
If we think it will just disappear
Boris has spoken to the nation
And made it very clear…

We need somehow to get together
and Sing from the same hymn sheet
Or we’ll never going to get out of this
and never get back on our feet

It’s young and old and and in between
there’s really no exception
So think before you socialise
at your best friends wedding reception 🎈🎉

You may think it can only happen
to others - and not to you
but it’s a sneaky bastard this Covid
It’s now doubled up with the flu 🤧

Kimhicksgmail.com September 2020

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