School run 70’s style!!

Old school texting!!

Up really early to deliver the news
Dashing off to school in your platform shoes
Mascara and eye shadow all applied
Under the subway to the ‘other side’

Run down Wolsey road into Wren
Has Anita already left? Am I late again?!!
Up through Lucerne cut through Kings cross
Over the fields in the sharp morning frost

Get to the school gates if, minutes to spare
run into Summertown for chocolate eclair’s,
Cola cubes, black jacks and sherbet dips too
Dash back to Cherwell as the whistle blew!

Run through the gates and fly up those stairs
Sit at the back in our usual chairs
Wait for our instructions on what we should do
Sat looking interested - trying not to chew

Go to our lessons with all good intentions
Invariably, ending up with detentions 🤨
So much to chat about laughing all day
It wasn’t School - it was a holiday!!

I think looking back we were such a pain
Of course though would do it all over again!
The best days of your life really are at school 🏫
As long as you don’t abide too much by the rules!! 🤣

Poetry-Totally September 2020©️

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