Tortured Souls


They say never judge a book by its cover
Shape and size or even it’s colour
It’s the same with people - all shapes and sizes
we’re all unique with our own devices

We’re not all that lucky and living the dream
Some are unhappy with low self esteem
Others will always be - Judgemental and cruel
the fire Just gets bigger by adding more fuel

It’s a mind thing which goes way beyond deep
Something has triggered it - it’s not that you’re weak
It’s not about hunger or a sugar craving
for some their only comfort in life worth saving

To overeat or starve whichever your role
It’s the only thing you can be in total control
It’s not the amount - or food denial
that triggers Your health into a downward spiral

It’s a cry for help from deep in your soul
Your mind has been ravaged it’s taken it’s toll
Please don’t judge by the outwardly shell
It’s masking the reality of a mind caught in hell September 2020

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