Just a paranoid Android

Now it all makes sense!!!
Is it Just me? Or, is it a rumour?
The snowflakes have deleted a sense of humour?
At work If you say something which doesn’t go down well
It goes all through the bosses up to personnel

You will be quoted the procedure and sent on a course
then a follow up after to discuss your remorse
You have to conform whether agreeable or not
as you won’t get a wage or a pension pot

We can now only laugh if it’s politically correct
met all the procedures and been thoroughly checked
If it hasn’t met requirements and you laugh out of turn
You will be ostracised - until you have learned

Men are now wondering - how? should they act?
Should they offer their seat if the bus is jam packed?
If they just sit there and mind their own business
will they be vilified and labelled Narcissistic?

It’s a confusing world it’s hard to decipher
although you couldn’t be any politer -
It’s now not enough just be a good person,
You have to follow procedures and the right version

You have to keep up because it can all change daily
It’s really enough to drive us all crazy 😜
Maybe in the future it will all fall into place
When robots have replaced the defunct human race

Kimhicksgmail.com September 2020

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