Molotov and Novichok

Cocktail 🍹 anyone?

It’s all kicking off - ALL over the world
Molotov cocktails now constantly hurled
Is it because we’ve been isolated, with more time to think?
Every country is angry? We’re right on the brink!

Can’t see us EVER getting back to normality
Accused now daily of Police brutality
We can now see the difference between black and white
Whites are too servile Blacks culturally fight

The white race have got too soggy round the middle
Lost our fighting spirit little by little
We’ve turned into a race who can be he or she
Sometimes both - how can that be?

Talking about an injustice is now worse than the crime
Things are going to blow in a very short time
The Russians poisoning anyone who dares to oppose
Spraying Novichok ☠️ all over their clothes!

It’s beyond belief that we’ve resorted to this
No one’s impartial - not even the Swiss🇨🇭
We’ve a generation who want but don’t want to graft
Living the dream on a bankers draft

The party 🎈 is over, the moneys ran out
Mental health will ‘rocket,’ without a doubt
It couldn’t carry on - the party WILL end
Its a huge wake up call - sorry my friend September 2020

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