English and proud!!

Loving it!!

Stood, stomach out watching the waves hit the rocks
Proudly wearing my sandals and socks
Courageously stood there brazen and bold
Won’t have a paddle though - too flipping cold

There’s not many of us left we’re the salt of the earth
Shall wear my Knotted hanky for all it’s worth
It’s an art you know a knot in each corner
I’m a deckchair man not a boogie boarder!

No day by the sea is complete without chips
Whilst my stomach causes a partial eclipse
My wife gets annoyed if I block out her sun ☀️
‘Get rid of that stomach!!’ ‘Go for a run!‘

I might take a stroll along the prom,
have a couple of pints whilst I’m gone
Maybe watch footie on the wide screen T.V.
Yep, a day by the seaside is definitely for me.

Kimhicksgmail.com September 2020


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