An Irishman first and foremost ☘️

A toast to John O’Connor 💙☘️

A beautiful day on the 1st of September
A warm day with blue sky as I remember
The remaining flowers Sat up and smiled
It’s the date you chose your day had arrived

You fought so hard it was an uphill struggle
I think you knew that you were in trouble
It was a brave thing to do but, not for those left
leaving emptiness and painful bereft

The night finished off with a full harvest moon
You’d already arrived we can only assume
You’re now in a place completely pain free
This day which none of us could have ever foreseen

An Irishman through and through
No one could ever take that from you
We’ll toast one for you a memory in your honour
Rest in peace proud Irishman - John O’Connor ☘️

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