What if?

Afterwards, is too late!!

Seriously, what would we do, if, this was it?
There’s no getting away with it, this year’s been shit
Things keep dropping, to another level
It’s like the worlds been taken over, by the devil 👿

Papers only printing, what they want You to read
It’s all common knowledge, as plain as can be
It’s been going on for years and couldn’t be clearer
Nobody believes in the main stream media

What if this has been engineered by the Chinese?
To bring the world down, on its knees?
Taking us all completely by surprise
We’re way to polite now, to criticise

We’d be like rabbits 🐰 caught in the beam
Never saw it coming. Things aren’t what they seem.
Xi-Jinping would never, in his time be top dog
Is this all man made so, he could claim the top job?

We’ll never really know, it’s such a ‘closed’ regime
who would ever believe, they’d go to this extreme?
We still haven’t got to the root of this virus 🦠
When we eventually do, it could be disastrous

You may find this ridiculous and think everyone’s nice
Take your eye off the ball and You will, pay the price
You can ridicule me, with scorn and laughter
Just remember, we haven’t got the luxury of after

I know it all sounds crazy, like a scene from James Bond
But, what if we’re oblivious and all being conned?
It may be too far fetched, to contemplate 🤔
But what if we’re wrong? and we leave it too late?

Embarrassed by Trumps pouting and boasting
But,is he our only saviour? remember, when voting
How is it, he's the only one, who has a sixth sense
Whilst everyone else, Just sits on the fence

It may sound unbelievable or, even farcical
Maybe too late though, when we’re blown into particles
Trump may be brash, arrogant and loud,
but who else will save us, from that mushroom cloud?

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