One for the girlies

Come on, come on – next!!!

Smear test - one for the girls!!

That Three year appointment has now arrived 😩
Though I should be grateful that I’m still alive!
It’s not like I don’t know what will happen
It’s Just that I involuntarily go into spasm! 😳

Some friends look at me in disbelief
Like I’m abnormal underneath?
Some even mock that I’m being a baby
But the last one I had was done by a trainee 🤪

It was awkward for her to say the least
even though the tongs well and truly greased
I laid there in an ungainly position
Up she went!! like she’s on a mission!!

I nearly jumped up through the roof!
Sorry, ‘I’m a trainee’ - was her excuse
You can see now why I’d want to postpone
Can’t they with technology do it over the phone?

We’re not all ‘at it’ - mine says ‘No entry‘
Last time it was active was sometime last century
Never know what’s up there? Of what you might find?
All I ask of you is - please be kind August 2020

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