Where’s this all going?

Seriously 😒

How many times do you need to explain?
It’s now becoming completely insane 😩
It’s really NOT the colour of your skin
There’s an evil movement promoting hatred within

There’s trailer trash in black AND white
If the truth was known it’s about left and right
These movements being ‘hijacked’ for ulterior motives
Causing unrest for who you have voted

If you just look behind the protesting
the looting car burning and arresting
It really isn’t your skins pigmentation
Who are trying their damnedest to divide the nation

It’s the weirdos and the lefty tribe
They love a protest so - they can hide
Entitled brats or Anarchists it’s hard to distinguish
as the new ‘cockney accent’ is now broken English

Whether you’re indoctrinated at Uni or college
Way too much confidence with so little knowledge
How can it be the colour of your face?
We all know it’s political and nothing about race

Far left protesters causing riots and fights
Nothing to do with whether You’re dark or light
Sick of hearing if you’re conservative and of colour
You are some deluded half wit or some kind of nutter

So stop jumping on the back of black lives matter
It dilutes their purpose their reasoning in tatters
We can all love each other if we’re left to get on
It’s not a black/white thing… it’s a right or wrong

Kimhicksgmail.com August 2020

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