Holidays without me

Don’t hurry back!!!!
Don’t You worry mummy I’ll be fine
You go on holiday and have a good time
I know you’re going when you get down the cases
You’re all excitable with happy faces

I’ll stay with a relative or even a friend
It’s a holiday for me I don’t want to spend 😩
But don’t worry mummy I’ll be alright
If not I shall howl keeping them up all night 🤣

I’ll pretend that I’m pining and just won’t eat
When in fact it always gets me more treats!
I’ll put my sweetest face on and melt their heart
Then jump on the couch that’s a good start!

I’ll insist on eating all their other pets food
Not to try others would only be rude
I’ll make sure I’m the boss and will always come first
I know what to do it’s all well rehearsed

So go and enjoy your time without me
You know I like to run and play in the sea?
I’ll just stay here and get treated like a star ⭐️
Have a good time on holiday wherever you are ❤️ August 2020

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