That old Rainbow Bridge 🌈

Fly High Sweetheart 💕

From a puppy we had her, a little ball of fluff
We couldn’t have loved her ever, enough
They were the good times, of fun and laughter
Who could have envisaged 15 years after?

We loved her unconditionally her funny ways
Her hilarious traits and adoring gaze
The years rolled by, far too fast
We knew at the beginning it couldn’t last

We adjusted accordingly and made her feel safe
her faculties diminishing at an alarming pace
We were so close, not often apart
Wherever I went - she wouldn’t be far

She Couldn’t see or, hear very much
But she felt my love and knew my touch
It’s hard to be god and make that final decision
I’m not someone who would normally turn to religion

I knew instinctively that this was her time
She had finally reached the end of her line
As hard as it is, you have to let go
I don’t know how? - you just know

The years had caught up and stole her from us
Their short span of life, is just so unjust
Apparently 15 years is a ‘good innings’
Though to us - not very convincing

As much as you love them you have to be kind
Even though it tears you up inside
Let them rest, let them go free
It’s kinder for them, in time you’ll see

You’ll probably say ‘never again’
But, out there somewhere is another loyal friend
waiting for you to love them and watch them grow
Just like you did before - 15 years ago……… November 2020

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