Mirror Mirror shiny glass, is that really my fat arse?

I’ve decided I’m done with negative vibes
And I’ve decided - if I come out alive
To start life afresh without a liar
I don’t want the life - to which I had prior

I can be free to do whatever I please
no more trying to appease
live my life free of scorn
I’ll feel as though I’ve been reborn!

It was a big step for me to make this choice
I nearly didn’t, through an ‘inner voice’
‘Be brave and get off this slippery slope’
‘You’ll be ok, you will cope’

Freedom is a luxury underrated
Albeit, just a bit belated
Looking forward to my new way of life
I feel elated - it’s hard to describe

No more fretting if I’ve scoffed the lot
And complaining about the size I’ve got
No worrying if I go off the rails
I’ve done it!! I’ve got rid of the scales!!! January 2021

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