Captain Tom

Tom the Lion heart💙

The epitome of how a real man should be
with decency, class and so gentlemanly
so much presence from such a small frame
deservedly becoming a household name

He had that quiet unassuming way
Impeccable manners always on display
Such stamina with the heart of a lion
with the presence of a gentle giant

You gave so much without complaining
gave others the courage to start campaigning
Unbelievable what you have achieved
Gaining a knighthood you deservedly received

You touched so many hearts and minds
In these dark times you lit up our lives
You’re the person we want if you hit rock bottom
A warrior who should never be forgotten

You gave your all right up til the end
Our inspiration and everyone’s friend
You were taken Captain Tom in a cruel twist
You were so loved 🥰 and will be truly missed

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