Mother Nature

Look after me!!
The sun comes out
the winds still blow
The buds on flowers
predictably grow

The days weeks
and months are flying
The seasons change
In perfect timing

The world clock ticking
without missing a beat
Sunrises each morning
giving light and heat

The tides still
ebbing high and low
The moon still sharing
that pale wintery glow

It’s business as usual
In mother nature’s life
It’s us stupid humans
causing all this strife

Will we ever learn?
from our blatant mistakes
How many more viruses
does it need to take?

Remember we all, just
come and go
Earth has been here
longer than we’ll ever know

I think if we’re lucky
And we get out unscathed
We’ll fallback to old habits
and the problems we made

So maybe we should look
Take in and listen
Maybe reverse our errors
Into remission

Carry on with pollution
and wanton neglect
Mother Nature WILL evict us
Well - What do you expect? January 2021

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