Be strong!!!

It sucks you in without you knowing
the signs of addiction already showing
before you know it you need a fix
checking for Twitter and Instagram hits

You can get anything ‘just ask google’
from fancy cakes to apple strudel
it’s all on there - no need to think
Just click on the key and go to the link

Our brains are shrinking to the size of a pea
It’s happening now to you and me
becoming slaves to our computer screens
It WILL drag you in, it’s guaranteed

It’s happening for real before our eyes
admit it or not - you’re radicalised
You must be strong and resist the urge
for mental health to be preserved

reminding us with a flash or a bleep
rounding us up like a flock sheep 🐑
‘leave it downstairs’ ‘don’t take it to bed’
have a good nights sleep instead

Constantly plugged into a virtual world
a way of life seemed now preferred
It’s pretty sad now - though it’s true
when reality is right here in front of you February 2021

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