A Glimmer of Hope

Everything crossed!!!!!!

Is it for real? Or, is it a rumour?
Boris has said we’re coming out sooner!
don’t hold your breath but could it be happening?
Is it to stop the economy collapsing?

Can’t even begin to hope it’s true
after everything we’ve all been through
we may be back to normal by spring
before we are well and truly unhinged

What do we do? How do we act?
are the odds against us stacked?
Can it ever be the same again
No one is certain a 100 per cent

we’ve been a long time in isolation
with no human contact or conversation
will have to learn new social skills
and come off all our anxiety pills

We’ll never forget the start of the twenties
Panic buying and toilet roll frenzies
The incredible science behind our jabs
Working wonders in their labs

It makes you wonder did this actually happen?
It’s hard now really to imagine
Pfizer and AstraZeneca the big tech brands
Our lives literally in their hands

We’re now getting jabbed in all sorts of places
Sharp eager eyes behind masked faces
So very lucky we live in a place
affectively saving the human race

we now see the light shining at the end
It was hard at first to comprehend
we have to wait - it’s been really tough
that day can never come soon enough 💕

Kimhicksgmail.com February 2021

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