It’s in the D.N.A.

We’re all different 🤪

We’ve handled it differently so it seems
Rearranging our lives - changing routines
brushing up skills starting new hobbies
Sharing new interests with friends and colleagues

Friends on Facebook are running rings
Some have been doing remarkable things!
Landscaping, decorating, total rebuilds
amazing how they’ve acquired these skills?

Baking cakes like you’ve never seen
Soufflés and pastries, like a dream
Paintings that would put Picasso to shame
What will we do with this new found fame?

Some could qualify as Olympic runners
Others have been well, lazy buggers
everyone’s different in their own way
That’s why we all have different D.N.A.

Some took it as a 12 month long vacation
That’s what we are, a diverse nation
Anything goes - make no apology
Don’t look too much into the psychology February 2021

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