Loyal to the end 🐾

We all love our pets
they are part of our lives
They are a member of the family
our children in disguise

We see all these adverts
asking for money to help out
with so many charities
trying to get into your account

It’s easy to ignore
even switching over channels
but, who will dig deep
for these loyal blameless animals?

We must all help out
In the best way we can
because they’ll be so many more
after this lockdown began

It’s easy to look away
And let others sort it out
us British have a conscience
To see they never go without

They bring us so much joy
more than they’ll ever know
If we don’t keep these places going
There’s nowhere else to go

Maybe a Dog/Cat home near you
Which is small, struggling and local
Would really appreciate your support
funds and donations at their disposal

So any spare cash
Would be so gratefully received
To give our loyal friends
The love and care which, they all need 🐾

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