Dog Thieves

Just sickening

What is it with people in this evil sick trade?
Stealing cats and dogs so they can be paid
Ruining peoples lives causing pain and distress
Snatching poor animals from their ‘safe house’ address

You are truly evil with absolutely no heart
for even considering in taking part
stealing these animals for profit and gain
Causing untold grief suffering and pain

You’re obviously damaged and hated by all
With only your depravity and greed installed
You destroy peoples lives and cause so much pain
Their lives never being the same again

You snatch them away causing untold terror
You are absolute scum beyond any measure
You crudely rip out their identity chips
Causing gut wrenching pain which you inflict

You’re not fit to live and be part of this life
You’re obviously completely dead inside
Seriously you should NEVER be allowed to breed
Because more scum like you - we really don’t need February 2021

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