Follow Your Dreams

Go for them!!!!

It’s been a strange and frightening time
though most of us have been just fine
Some have got into a right old state
by having to shield and isolate

We've all been affected in different ways
Some saw optimism fade away
Others were upbeat and enjoyed their time
learning new skills and drinking wine 🍷

Nothing in lockdown is right or wrong
As long as mental health stays strong
It’s been a learning curve that’s for sure
a way of life - like never before

It’s a time to think and reset your goals
change your life so you’re in control
It could be a blessing in disguise
before, you just didn’t realise

If you’ve done nothing - that’s also fine
It may not have been a waste of time
It could be you’ve now realised your dream 😴
now you’re out of the rat race, working routine

this time can be used to make things happen
to follow your dreams and real passion
It doesn’t matter if you make mistakes
dreams don’t come with expiry dates 💕 March 2021

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