Those were the day’s

Summers were hot music quite funky
Mini skirts short some legs quite chunky 🤣
Sometimes fashion did you no favours
Mary Quant and twiggy all over the papers

When winter arrived Only one room had heat
single glazed windows with chilblained feet
Your bed was so cold it almost felt damp
You’re so tensed up your legs got cramp😩

Perms like tumbleweed on a windy day
Green peace and protesters out to play
The Beatles the Who and the Rolling Stones
No Harry Potter or game of thrones

Times when you knew everyone in your street
All knowing your business - no secrets to keep
We all thought It annoying - giving their advice
Nosey old sods, they should get a life!

Morris Marina Cortina estate
Girls names Brenda Shirley and Kate
Sing something simple on a Sunday night
Romance of the shipping forecast - hope they’re alright?

Shopping was rationed - Green Shield stamps
Going for tea at yer nan and gramps
Carefree days - The famous five
These were the things that made us thrive

Yes, it was hard we never knew any different
Didn’t know the future there was no equivalent
It was a good time though in spite of some things
‘The good old days’ as yet another decade begins.....

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