Fun is for ALL ages!!

Come round for a cuppa? ☕️
Just because we’re Grandparents
and children think we’re old
We’re just not ready for that club
We haven’t yet enrolled

There’s still a flicker of devilment 😈
A twinkle in our eyes
growing old is optional
as we’re teenagers still inside

We like a bit of excitement
a catchy little tune
We’re pretty nifty on our feet 💃
We’re written off too soon!

We might look sweet and innocent
but looks can be deceiving
we just start to come alive 💃
whilst everyone else is leaving

We’re fed up of being sensible
as that is really boring
we never learn we overdo it
then regret it the next morning 🙀

Come round for a coffee? ☕️
but - only if you’re able?
We’ll eat cake have lots of laughs 🤩
we’ll picnic under the table!

It’s the little thing’s……..

Kim Hicks August 2021

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