A Cyber Attack? – What Would We Do?

Just saying………

Just wondering how we’d cope
in the event of a cyber attack?
If everything stopped working
and everything went black?

We rely now on electric
It’s needed for our cars
Without it we’d be stranded
and wouldn’t get very far

A sobering experience
no google or social media
those of us over fifty
I think would find it easier

We coped okay before
we didn’t know any better
It was a different world back then
with different kinds of pressure

No communication
couldn’t even send a text
You had to walk round to their house
If you wanted to connect

You couldn’t easily be contacted
unless you had a phone
though not for everyone
Very few had one at home

Emails were unheard of
It was just plain pen and paper
Spellcheck would’ve been fantastic
but that arrived much later

Money sent electronically
banking all done online
we queued up for hours
In a very different time

Facebook is our saviour
It made our lives much better
Friend’s we’d lost for many years
It brought us back together

Amazon and Netflix
and now it’s all gone ‘streaming’
It’s gone all space-agey
and really takes some believing

I think our life is comfortable
it’s all now such a breeze
but we lived before without it
and would cope again with ease

There’s no need to go outside
no need to even budge
But is it any better?
I’ll let you all be the judge 🤷

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