An Angel in disguise

Amelia 🥰
That warm safe place of peace has gone
we’re now in unpredictable times
the only thing that happens in war
is too many will lose their lives

Those harrowing pictures of children
terrified of bullets and bombs
their eyes shouldn’t be seeing this
its gut wrenching horribly wrong

Can’t image what they’re thinking
their whole world left in tatters
not knowing if they’ll get through this
they’re traumatised and mentally shattered

A Ukrainian girl sings out to ‘Frozen’
surely an angel sent in disguise
how can we witness such purity?
with bombs dropping out of the skies?

How many times have we heard it?
the innocent will always die first
we’ve learnt from previous history
power and greed brings out the worst

How is it you have so much?
but still would murder for more
you’ve gone past the point of reasoning
which can only end up in war

Putin you have blood on your hands
you’ve bitten off more than you can chew
when this is eventually over
the war crimes commission - are coming for you …

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