That Human Train 🚂

Get used to it!!!!! 😩
Nobody queues like the British
Its instilled in us from birth
a tradition you'd better get used to
for your time spent here on earth

You’ll queue everyday at the bus stop
at lunchtime there’s always a queue
we do it so often it’s normal
and there’s ALWAYS one for the loo

We'll do it again tomorrow
we'll Join that human train
You get to the end...and then gawd help us
we end up queueing again

Rain or shine sleet or snow
we stand in an orderly fashion
whether it's the cinema or ice cream van
and anything else you can imagine

We expect it at a bus stop
and shocked if you don't comply
we'll get so very offended
If to ‘push in’ you should try 😡

Now we're patient if it's humans
but it's different in a car
as then it's called a ‘tailback’
and our behaviour turns bizarre

We turn into raving lunatics
our patience drops to nil
we turn from peaceful queuers
to someone who would kill 🤬

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