There’s no stopping us!!!

You know you really shouldn’t
but that urge is still so strong
we’re not harming anyone
Or doing anything wrong?

We won’t go down quietly
Or extinguish out that fire
life shouldn’t be drab and dull
Just because we’ve retired

We’ve still got our ‘Mojo’
with mischief on the side
we don’t care who’s watching
we won’t curl up and die!

So don’t think we’re mad
and try and douse our flames 🔥
The adrenaline is pumping
and raging through our veins

Now that we’re much older
we’ve learnt how to relax
we can still do silly things
between our afternoon naps 💤

Teenagers look in disbelief
like we’re completely crazy 😜
Wondering how we have so much fun
by ladies old and weighty 🤣

We all get older way too fast
It’s important to keep fun alive
We throw off our inhibition’s
when we hurtle down that slide

We know how far to go
though, it takes some understanding
as long as the cushions are all in place
we’ll pray for a nice soft landing !

It’s the little thing’s 💕

Poetry- Totally. October 2021 ©️

Picture by Inge Look


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