Greed Greed and more Greed

When will we all realise
money isn’t food?
You can’t eat coins or bank notes
it’s being woefully abused

It’s been going on for centuries
all this selfishness and greed
It’s being taken from our hands
by the 1% who lead

It’s never going to end well
having this insatiable desire
To keep us working longer
making it impossible to retire

Exploiting the less privileged
leaving no time to rest
so they live in luxury
whilst feathering their nest

Even those who are loaded
with more than they’ll ever need
unable to resist a bargain
topping up that pile of greed

Living in impressive houses
driving high end Beamers
saving themselves a packet
using Eastern European cleaners

Society is fractured
I stand here judge and jury
An exception I might add
Is the incredible Tyson Fury 🥊

It’s now become unsustainable
as it seems we all have degrees
all wanting a slice of the high life
from those imaginary money trees 🤷


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