White Van Man


I'm just a ‘Joe average’
an ordinary bloke
but the state of our roads
are beyond now a joke

Trying to dodge accidents
from potholes and craters
I can't grasp the concept
of our council dictators?

What's going on?
why is my van getting wrecked?
everywhere I go
don't know what to expect?

Pot holes speed humps
and now LTN’s
the council and hierarchy
are clearly not our friends

My eyes are on stalks
as I'm scanning all roads
then bang! there's another one
to rack my poor bones

Driving has become
a mega pain in the arse
now 20 miles an hour?
You are having a laugh!

Our roads are an embarrassment
with roadworks galore
where's the hi-viz workers?
doesn't anyone graft anymore?

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