Made in China

The worlds biggest Takeaway
‘Twas weeks before Christmas
decorations in all their glory
If you sit down for a while
I’ll tell you a true story

Once upon a time an evil blew in
from across the South China Sea.
It became apparent so quickly to us
It was to destroy, humanity

It sneaked unseen inside you
It tried hard to finish us off
We had to be so careful
If you sneezed or, even coughed

The kingdom joined together
United by their love ❤️
Some even said a prayer 🙏
To him from up above

We will be free of this evil
Some time very soon
We all need to believe In the faith
That will keep us all immune

The king scratched his head 👑
wondering who could it be?
This invisible army
From the South China Sea?

They’ve won a war from afar
Without firing a single arrow
How can you ever fight back
Against an - anonymous faceless shadow?

The people got together
and became united - as one
So this could never happen again
In future to anyone

They decided they would refuse
To trade with anything made in China
Then perhaps rest assured we could
all live - happily ever after... November 2020

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