Game of Thrones

Is this the end of the Monarchy?

Meghan already had
a few million in the bank
And when she googled Harry
her lucky stars she thanked

William tried to warn you
he could see it coming
but Harry you were already hooked
she’s way too smart and cunning

Harry never really liked
the stuffy royal duties
He preferred the partying,
With the famous from the movies

But Harry would they really,
have ever looked at you twice?
If you were a regular guy
on a building site?

I know it’s harsh - but you’re
really not that special
With balding ginger hair
and a face full of freckles

Yes, you were fun
and the royal court jester
then it all changed then on,
from the moment that you met her

But this is grown up stuff
And you’re now pushing forty
You have now single handedly
demolished the Monarchy

It was built up over centuries
Mystical Palaces and Castles
You’ve blown it out of the water
into microscopic particles

She has so much fire
And will stop at nothing
You had it all given Harry,
and just wouldn’t see it coming

You’ve given her a platform,
beyond her wildest dreams
She has made herself more famous
Than ALL the Kings and Queens

Millions were never enough
For Meghan, it has to be billions.
Am I the only one seeing this?
What’s other peoples opinions?

Sometimes, for some, Millions are just never enough.
She has now - through the Monarchy bagged herself the biggest platform in the world and my god is she going to use it!!
Trashing our royal family in her wake. Hold on tight Haz.

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