What’s it all about?

Shouting, arguing getting nowhere
Round in circles once again
Protesting about violence
Causing violence chaos and mayhem

Angry mobs hidden faces
different views on living
Joining groups to shout their cause
Fighting screaming - no ones winning

No end in sight - they are all right
It’s never going to end in agreement
Whoever can shut all cities down
Causing the most damage and inconvenience

Getting high on the destruction they’re causing
bringing in rent a mob to boost the ratings
arrange to save the trees tomorrow
though it’s really the police they’re hating

Burning police vans smashing glass
Throwing fireworks, scaring horses
If the mob were to actually take over
would they be in charge of our police forces?

When will this end? Because we’ll never agree
Stop all this anger, shoving cameras in your face
Screaming the loudest seems to be the way
Then slithering off into the night without a trace

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