Let’s not be too Rash?

No moral compass

I get it that kids
need free school dinners
and the government steps in
agrees and delivers

No child should go hungry
In this day and age.
You have to question though
How did it get to this stage?

Education and responsibility
are seriously lacking
‘Usually’ mums struggling alone
Without partners backing

Just don’t understand
Why ‘both’ parents aren’t paying?
bringing kids into this world
With no intention of staying

We all like a freebie and
have all pulled a fast one
But we’re now at the point
Where we’re propping up everyone

At the end of the day
When the money dries up
We’ve become so pathetic
and are seriously ‘doomed’

There’s no secret money pot
Or, magical tree
taxes going through the roof
as nothing is free

It’s becoming apparent
And, if not too late
We’ve turned our country
Into a nanny state

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