Judge and Jury

GB News bring it on!!!!!!!

Whatever happened to the ‘old’ BBC news?
Just can’t watch now without blowing a fuse
Have the news readers acquired new powers?
Plugging personal views over the hours?

When did it change from being impartial?
Making the news dangerous and harmful
How are the readers changing news stories?
Becoming the judge and flipping jury

It’s causing resentment and embittered divide
It’s not up to news readers to decide
Trevor McDonald and Angela Rippon
Never once, showing their opinion

Now the media is running the country
dangerously, blatant and corruptly
when did you change from a humble news reader?
unelected people replacing world leaders?

It’s just crazy and dangerously so
It’s not for news readers opinions y’know
Go back to how it always used to be
Read what you’re asked - not what YOU see

Let the elected control debates
And news readers back to former traits
If you want a platform to delivery your views
become a politician and stop reading your news 🗞

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