Slimming World Wobbles

Is it even a diet?

I looked in the mirror
and was shocked to see
An additional stomach
growing out of me!

I ummed and Aahed
and toyed with the idea
Then I rang Slimming World
and it all became clear

You don’t have to live
On food just for rabbits 🐇
It’s a new way of life
to change your old habits

You measure the quantity
Some food is free
It’s easy to follow
and works for me

The people are friendly
The support is outstanding
Which makes it a joy
To stop you expanding

We’re in this together
all in the same boat
We discuss all our downfalls
with a laugh and a joke

We share all our recipes
and any good tips
which makes things worthwhile
On our Weekly S.W. trips

It’s not without favourites
You’re allowed things called ‘syns’
It makes life much easier
as your weight loss begins

If you’ve had a bad week
and you can’t face the group
We will all pull together
and get you back in the loop

We’re a big happy family
Helping each other all the way
join us at our sessions
make that commitment today

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