Remember when………

The boys and girls in blue 💙


Remember the day
When police had big feet 👣
That familiar sight
as they pounded the beat

They knew all your business
as you would often speak
you exchanged information,
happening down on your street

It’s now called ‘intelligence’
and it’s all done ‘on line’
though it clearly hasn’t helped
In tackling much crime

We didn’t need computers
we had verbal exchange.
To think now is progress?
Seems rather strange

The lads got a slap
‘a clip round the ear’
Then escorted back home
facing even more fear 😧

What ever happened?
The roles have reversed
The thugs now untouchable
with a swagger and smirk

It used to make sense
You knew right from wrong 😑
It’s an unrecognisable .world
Where I just don’t belong

Political correctness
What a load of old tosh
though, if it’s not followed
You’ll be up for the chop 🪓

How is a victim treated
less than the crime?
No wonder reoffending
is the highest of all time

The police do catch bad guys
though it causes much stress
to see all their hard work
thrown out by the C.P.S.

Stop all this madness
let common sense prevail
It may prevent loved one’s
going off of those rails….

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