Grumpy Aunties

Oh No!!!!!

Even though we’re best of friends
we sometimes have those days
the ones you don’t see eye to eye
with tempers sometimes frayed

We usually get on famously
we’re sisters after all
but sometimes we just disagree
and need some time to thaw!

We huff and puff a while
it never lasts for long
we’ve forgotten what it’s all about
and forgiven who was wrong

Yes, we’re both untidy
and love to sit and read
but sometimes the laughter start’s to fade
until an apology is received

It happens to the best of us
but we’re sisters through and through
we’ll forget it all in no time
until the next different point of view!!!!

We’ve known each other long enough
to ride above those waves
we’re at that stage - that ripe old age
and should know how to behave!

It’s the little thing’s 💕


Picture by Inge Look

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