Do you remember when……

Quality street chocolates
were in a massive great big tin
lasting us for weeks
On our Christmas festive binge

That distinctive pink round tin
with a soldier and his lady
a familiar sight for us
as we dipped into them daily

That gorgeous smell of chocolate
a treasure chest of colour
a must have tin for Christmas
for the die hard chocolate lover

A handy tin to have around
when finally it’s empty
a few ones left that no one likes
after our chocolate scoffing frenzy

The tin was always saved
and never thrown away
It became a handy storage tin
for things to put away

The tins I’d say now,
are a third of the original size
they’ve shrunk dramatically every year,
before our very eyes

if they shrink them anymore,
they’ll have to change the name
because the quality street that I recall
Is definitely not the same

A Soldier and his Lady

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