Hen Night 70’s style

Out of control!!!!
A good old 70’s Hen night🕺
a silly hat down the social
a few cheap rounds immediately downed
then stagger on to the local

Getting ‘proper’ legless
predictably lairy and loud
out on parole and out of control 🤪
as you can when in a crowd

Like hyped up nympho maniacs
with the obligatory blow up willy
goading the blokes and telling rude jokes 🤣
some particularly filthy

You'll always get that one
who will always flash their boobs🫢
they can't sit still and just love the thrill
then blame it on the booze

It's their first night out for ages
a release from everyday chores
enjoying the freedom and up for a threesome😱 (joking!!)
those carefree days restored

One will ALWAYS throw up
and spend ages in the loos
things are confessed 🫢and looking a mess
with sick splattered over their shoes

Eventually calling it a night
as the kitty now lower than low
the bride looked a wally passed out in a trolley 🛒
as we ‘responsibly’🤣😂🤣 wheeled her home

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