The Scales of Injustice

Forget The Winter 🥶

Stop the leaves 🍁 from fallingas I can’t let summer gokeep those winds soft and lightSo they fall off painfully slowStop the flowers wiltingand going past their primecan’t we stop this wanton act?and reverse the hands of time?Keep your flowerless seasonand spiteful naked treesI want warmth and colourwith that glorious summer breeze Clear away those […]

Good Times 💕

Summers were hot music quite funkyMini skirts short legs were quite chunky 🤣Sometimes fashion did us no favours Mary Quant and twiggyall over the papersWhen winter arrived Only one room had heatsingle glazed windowsitchy chilblained feetYour bed was so cold it almost felt dampYou’re so tensed up your legs went into cramp😩Perms looking like tumbleweed […]

Happy 😊 Flowers🌻

There’s something so specialabout seeing sunflowers 🌻 swaying majestically ‘the sunshine filled towers’They’re just full of sunbeamshappiness and smilesdrinking in sunlightnatures natural sundialsThat golden fieldof big smiley facesthey brighten us upin the darkest of placesThe only flowerSo bright and cheery It’s something I look forward to- lovingly, yearlySwaying about happily In a sunflower 🌻 meadowYou […]

Autumn (The Fall)

It’s that time of yearwhen leaves are turningthose foggy damp nightsand bonfires burning 🔥 It’s time for natures,well earned restIt’s the time of year I love bestWrap up warm on those blustery walksIt’s a time to reflect, your dreams and thoughts.The flowers and treestake a well earned breakhibernating animalsthe birds migrate I see the beautyOf […]

St Giles Fair ‘70’s’ style!!

How we looked forwardwhen it was time for the fair It came in September a slight ‘nip’ in the airWe watched the weather and prayed for no rain the excitement and funwas always the sameThe waltzers, the rotathe wall of deathThese were the rideswhich caught our breathPlaying ‘The liquidator’and The ‘Double Barrel’whilst walking aroundwith a […]

There’s always Slimming World ❤️

Okay – so in lockdownwe’ve piled on some weightbeen bingeing on junk foodand filled up our plateWe’ve ate what we wantedon a holiday existencetrips to the fridge 🐽 apparently…very consistant 🤷‍♀️We’re slowly coming backInto a world ‘nearly normal’where leisure clothes are replaced, by something more formalThat’s when it hits you 🥊 You’ve piled on those […]

Candy Floss Moments

We don’t need to be married to have a really good timePlaces to go and things to seeme with my partner in crimeWe go way back – donkeys yearssometimes we don’t even speakWe can go for ages without contactThen meet up 3 times in a week!We grew up in humble beginnings Share a wicked sense […]

We’re Back!!!

We’re definitely NOT readyto go over that hillwith distant thoughts and memories, only time left to killWe’re not just sat knitting or, baking cakeshoovering and dustingand washing up platesWe’ve still got that sparkand a soul full of fire 🔥 We’re just not readyTo ‘clock out’ and retireWhen we hear our songInhibitions disappear We go right […]

Let me in!!

I’ve watched you very closelyfrom the safety of my denI wish I had the courageas I’m ready to trust againI’ve been alone for many yearsas a kitten was quick and bravenow I’m older – it seems much harsherI’m not feeling quite so safeI would love to come and say helloand be invited in your home?I […]

That Silvery ole Moon 🌙

It’s a thing we’ve gotinto over the yearsIt unites us together absorbing our fearswhen yours have upped and flown the nestand you’re not there to say what’s bestLook up at the sky at that silvery old moonwhilst your still in your living roomIt’s a telepathic warm kind of feelinglooking up at that star studded ceilingKnowing […]


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