The Scales of Injustice

A long time ago

Who’d have thought that times could changeSo very different – so very strangeWhat happened to Blue Peter and The Tufty Club?It’s now iPads – tablets and computer hubsEtch a sketch and dot to dot We were happy with our lotChinese skipping fuzzy feltSpace dust on your tongue to meltJam roly poly spotted dickSteaming hot custard […]

Nothing to celebrate?

No Halloween or Christmas 🎄 This year has been a right offIt’s been a strange old timeNothing has been normalThough, we shouldn’t really whineWe’ve stayed indoors for agesDoing as we’ve been toldAt first it wasn’t difficult – And then it takes a holdWe cancelled all our birthdays 🎂 Special occasions all delayed Decorated every roomIn […]

Guido Fawkes

The sound of the night on November the 5thAll stems from Guido Fawkes’s myth To blow up the houses of Parliament All over some stupid argumentSame old story – religiously motivated Which left old Guido Fawkes frustratedHe wanted a catholic to take the throneAll Protestants to be ousted and overthrown!The gunpowder crudely put togetherThey easily […]

Happy Divorce Day!!!!

If your relationship is dead and You’re thinking of leavingYour toxic existence just leaves you both reeling If there’s more bad times than happy memories You’ve turned from friends to lifelong enemiesIt really isn’t worth the heartache to stayYou’d be so much happier staying awayThose arguments that seem to go on for weeksScreaming at each […]

Autumns Here!!

That first scent of autumn – the wood burning stovea comforting smell as you’re on the way homeIt’s time for nature to stop for a breatherthose long dark nights drawing nearer and nearerThe smell of old Holborn or golden Virginia That aroma couldn’t really be any more familiarIt reminds me so much of bygone daysAs […]

Donald Trump

Donald Trump – comic book villain The most controversial ever politician Comes out like superman from COVID-19 A force of nature – a fighting machineWants America to be great yet againSome find it hard though to comprehend Is Trump for real? Can he deliver?Can he save the world on a MacDonald’s dinner?Some say he can’t […]

Remember, Remember, the 5th November

Not the warmest time of year but still we go out and watch sparks crackling from the bonfire,a ‘standard’ firework boxA spectacular show of gunpowder exploding in the skyThe pyrotechnics are amazing Though, I’d prefer it in JulyIf fireworks aren’t really your thingmaybe a sparkler in the kitchen?There’s only so much excitement I can take […]


Never really understood it?The Point of izal tissue?It never actually did the job,the only thing it would give you…a sore bum from the abrasion as you tried to do the deedIf you ever did It properlya ton of it, you’d need!It was basically only good fordrawing with – or, for tracingYou were better off with […]

BBC Bullies

Betty from Blackburn is a victimwho has been denied a choiceIt seems the thugs from the BBCHave a louder voice.Betty would rather spend her cashOn things that give her pleasureInstead she has to hand it over -she’s received a threatening letter😡Is this what the BBC has sunk to?Making the elderly part with their savingsTurkey and […]

Tell em Boris!!

There was a man called Boriswith ‘tweety pie‘ Yellow hairWho saved us from a lifetimeOf a labour run nightmare 😱He’s taken so much crapIn his short time in the jobwho else would manage betteragainst this baying mobLet’s hope he gets Brexit ‘sorted’and all other things as wellOr we will never hear the last of it~ […]


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