The Scales of Injustice

That Human Train 🚂

Nobody queues like the BritishIts instilled in us from birtha tradition you’d better get used tofor your time spent here on earth You’ll queue everyday at the bus stop at lunchtime there’s always a queue we do it so often it’s normaland there’s ALWAYS one for the looWe’ll do it again tomorrow we’ll Join that […]

Self service checkouts 🤬

Love em or hate themthey’re here to staydoing their workwithout any payBenefiting the supermarkets no need for a tillIf you do it yourself you lessen their billPerhaps we should get discount?as we do it ourselves maybe unload the lorries 🥵and stack up their shelves! ‘unexpected item in the baggage area’it drives you to despair 😩to […]

Goodnight ‘Lillibet’

That clip clop of hooves along the mall our darkest sombre sad farewell pomp and ceremony at it’s bestto lay her Majesty down to resttearfully watching brimming with griefheartbroken scenes for the world to seetears and sadness so very upsetover a woman we’ve never even metHistory unfolding before our eyes witnessing Queen Elizabeth II has […]

R.I.P Queen Elizabeth II

We stand together unitedwe take a deep long breathwe’re slowly coming to terms with the shock of her Majesty’s deathHistory has changed now foreverthe Kingdom unitedly mournswe collect our thoughts togetherand watch as a new era dawnsWe need some time to reflectand to put aside our grief we welcome in King Charlesour new commander-in-chief It’s […]

King Charles III

The dust has now settled Charles becomes King we’re glued to the tellywatching changes beginEmotions are highthe Queen was part of our livesIt was all down to herthe monarchy survivedShe was the captainof a precarious shipshe’s dealt with the mishaps and….ego tripsShe did this so calmly professional to the end she’s left this to Charlesto […]

Really doesn’t matter

It really doesn’t matter If you don’t wear your teethnot had a shower and still half asleep It’s not the outsidethat animals seeIts your inner soul they overwhelmingly needCouldn’t care lessif you’re loaded or poor they’ll be predictably waitingagain by the doorYou can be anything or anyoneto win an animals heart just give love and […]

Back to school!! 😁

Well…the holidays are nearly over another term set to beginIt was good whilst it lastedthough excitement bubbles within!!😆I know I sound ungrateful and have loved the kids at home but I need to get my life backto a ‘I’m bored’ free happy zoneWe’ve been on lots of day trips theme parks high on their lista […]

St. Giles’ Fair

It’s that time of yearwhen we’re all too awarethe air gets much coolerfor St. Giles’ FairIt’s a cut off pointIn an Oxonians mindIt’s the end of summernow officially signedThe fair caused excitement In earlier daysthe lights, loud musicand gimmicky crazeThe fairs now dilutedas they’re now two a pennybut I can remember that ‘rush’which was felt […]

Missing you

I sit here in deathly silencedays merge into oneany spark of life has left methe moment you were goneYes I moaned about youas you were a messy sodyou never thought to tidy upleaving me those extra jobsAt the time I was resentful but moaning did no good I just kept on tidying uplike a ‘little […]

For ALL Dogs 🐾❤️💙

Couldn’t care lesswhatever your breedyou’re all super specialfor so many needsYou do incredible things like helping the blindsent up into mountains for us idiots to findYou’re the first into dangerwithout a blink of an eyeyou sniff out explosives which could blow you sky highYou do all this selflesslyIf you think we’re in need just a […]


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