The Scales of Injustice

Jack Frost ❄️

A hard frost this morningWas a sight to be seenDiamond crushed pavementswhere Jack Frost has beenRooftops in whitea cloudless blue skyIt’s hard to imagine there’s a virus – as much as I try Just for a moment the beautyStood stillAnd then, reality Jumped in for the kill!The dustbin men cameAnd shattered my peaceThat smell of […]


Hope you’re ready as it’s Coming here soonThe biggest partywhen we’re all immune It’s one where we all get to hugand kiss closely In all this pandemic It’s what we’ve missed mostly To have a chatto breath the same airTo openly laughWithout a careTo meet up likewe did beforeNo more shielding AnymoreTo go to a […]

Widow Cranky

You’re ready for bedhoping to get some sleepnever used tabletsOr, counted sheepBut just lately when myHead hits the pillowMy chances of dropping offHave plummeted to zero!!I think of things fromdecades gone byTry to forget them as much as I tryI know tonightI shan’t sleep a winkUnless I reprogram my mind- not to thinkMind racing like […]

COVID-19 Just Do One

You’ve disrupted our livesKept us indoors as wellYou really think you’re something But, you can go to hell You ripped apart our worldYou think you’re so dam cleverWe will never bow down to youNot today – Not now – not everYou made it more contagious was it for fun or, just for pleasure?To make sure […]

Not Just a Cup of Tea

I can remember quite clearly back in the dayWhen things were so simple at home or awayTea’s long been around It’s really not newall this kerfuffle Just over a brew?‘Milk and sugar?’‘One lump of two?’It was really than simple and familiar to you Now it’s a cocktail Of caramels and mintAnd numerous otherstoo many to […]

Boris The Great

Well done Boris you’ve pulled it offwith literally minutes to spareWe saw you wobble a little bitand then you grew a pairWe know it hasn’t been easyand Carrie’s been giving you grief Wilfred keeping you up all nighthe must be cutting his teeth 🦷 We need you running this countryPreferably with a clear headYou’ll need […]

Darby and Joan

Out with the old in with the newI think I’ll stay in for a drink or two 🍾🍾Loads of offers – I had to decline 😂No one is sharing my bottle of wine!Crap on the telly why are we surprised At least we made it – we survivedNo drunken partying and embarrassing trysts Freezing cold […]

Come on snow!!

I don’t care how old you are Or whether you’re lonely or sadThat first fall of the white stuffMakes even the miserable buggers glad 😀 We open the curtains in hopethat it’s fallen through the nightIt’s just something so specialSeeing a carpet laid of whitefirst it’s feathery flakes before,the real Ones start falling ❄️Your inner […]

Dick Turpin

Until our fate is finally determined We’ll carry on emulating Dick TurpinIt’s all now part of our daily routineMasks wash hands, distance….until a vaccine Who’d have thought only back in the springWhat this year would actually bringthe most popular stocking fillers are no longer socksColourful diamanté masks – the new Christmas boxYoung children aren’t fazed […]

Merry Christmas 🎄

We’ve lived this year in a confusing statenever knowing our fate to dateStill don’t know the day of the weekNow on my 2nd tin of quality street A roaring fire a contented dog snoringLights softly glowing snow gently falling A glass of creamy baileys with iceCant think of anything else as niceMe with me ranting […]


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