The Scales of Injustice

The good old days

I remember so clearlythe neighbours in our closethat warm friendly atmosphereit’s what I miss mostWe knew everyone’s first nameIt was a safe happy timewe shared so many memories happy moments of mineTrust was so important the kids safe next dooryour home was always openIt was a different time beforeYou joined together in happiness consoled each […]

Princess 👑 Kitty 🐈‍⬛

Get over it I’m a princess 👑 I demand to be fed at my chosen timeIf you’re in the kitchenchicken is fineIt’s just my waya gentle reminderto make sure you knowyou’re my dinner provider I know you love meand will grant me my wish with a flick of my tailget a nice piece of fishI’ll […]

That trip to the Dentist 😩

Well, I’ve put it off now long enough It’s time to bite the bullet It’s now up to the jawsmithto fill it in or pull it?It started with a twinge then cranked up to an acheso now I’m in the dentist chairwith goggles on and capeI involuntarily stiffen upwith more spit than I can swallow […]

Mother’s Day (teenage style!🤣😂🤣) U.K

Hats off to all you mum’s out thereYou’re worth your weight in goldmine was always picking me upall hours in the freezing cold!I’m guilty of taking her for grantedand her opinion – I just couldn’t see 🤷‍♀️the penny has dropped in later yearsyou deserve an M.B.E. 🏅You did blow up occasionally as I was rude […]

Spring has sprung!!!!

Blue skies and grassspring time at lastthe smell of fresh airthe wind in your hairNature is stirring outside’s alluring sleepy animals awakefrom a long winter breakSo much is happeningthe berries are fattening for birds to invest in for young chics now nestingSun rays are warmerthe feel good restorer the unsung life saverour friend and our […]


It’s a word we don’t use often enoughIn a world of uncertainty and hatesadly when we eventually doIt’s usually left too lateWe need to say it todayas tomorrow has never been promised It means so much to hear itIt’s what we want…..if totally honest We’re a funny old lot us humanstoo often ridiculously stubborn our […]

An Angel in disguise

That warm safe place of peace has gonewe’re now in unpredictable timesthe only thing that happens in waris too many will lose their livesThose harrowing pictures of childrenterrified of bullets and bombstheir eyes shouldn’t be seeing thisits gut wrenching horribly wrong Can’t image what they’re thinkingtheir whole world left in tattersnot knowing if they’ll get […]


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