The Scales of Injustice

You just CAN’T save the whole world 🌎

As much as we want to save the planetand ALL the people it inhabitsIt’s impossible… it can’t be doneIts clear you can’t save everyoneWomen and children abused each dayIn all walks of life, not having a saythey are left alone without a choiceonly helping those with the loudest voicethe real ones in danger who can’t […]

The Circle of Life

A new life is bornanother is takenIt’s the circle of lifeof our civilisation It’s something we think aboutfrom time to timeThen put it awayto the back or our mindsSome go too soonOthers too longwe can’t predict it when,our existence is goneIt’s a lottery ticket 🎟 Which none of us wantthough we carry onOblivious….and nonchalant Never […]

Prince Phillip 💙💎

It’s the end of an era for The king of gaffsIt had to come…You do the mathsHe was a rock to our Queen,who shared his humour we are so very lucky he didn’t leave soonerThe Queen will nowbe lost without Phil Don’t know nowIf she carries on still?I’m sure the familyWill rally roundwondering nowIf Charles […]

We’ve made it!! (well…nearly!)

I think we’ve nearly made it though times, it seemed far fetched When they said they have a vaccinewe didn’t know what to expectWe were thrilled we would be ableto resume a normal lifethe relief was so enormous It’s hard now to describe when the euphoria residedThe next thing that we foundthe vaccine came from […]

Animals, just so trusting

At first you looked so sad and defeatedGod only knows how you’ve been treated? 😢we received a call which was very disturbing Warning cruelty had been occurring There are some humans incredibly cold heartedI can only imagine how your life startedYou gave your trust and were so forgivingWhen times for you life wasn’t worth livingIt […]

Get over it!! – I’m a princess 👑

I demand to be fed atmy chosen timeIf you’re in the kitchenYour legs I’ll entwine 🐈‍⬛It’s just a traita gentle nudgeto make you awarePlease don’t judgeI know you love meand will grant my wish 😻With a flick of my tailand a sideways swishI’ll stare at your faceto penetrate your soulafter all your my mummyIt’s your […]

And they’re off!!!

It’s been really hard for everyone but we’re coming to the endapparently we’ve saved thousands and we’re itching now to spendWe haven’t been on holidaynot even to the coastno eating out or takeaways as everything is closedNo trips to the garagefilling up with petrolgrabbing rolls and chocolate barsand anything else essential Your hairs a mess […]

Happy Easter 🐣

Easter bunniesfluffy chicks 🐤 Barbecuing rule of sixChocolate eggsmucky chopsfeeling sick 🤢eating lotsSpringtime weatherblossoms outWine devoured 🍾🍾🍾large amounts Outside playingin the sun 🌞 Smiling faceslots of funMusic thumpingfun and laughtermemories madeforever afterScoffing foodnone too healthy iPhones outtaking selfiesSpecial timesat last they’re hereNew beginnings we hold dear 💕

BBC Bullies

Betty from Blackburn’s a victimwho has been denied a choiceIt seems the thugs from the BBCHave a louder voiceBetty would rather spend her cashOn things that give her pleasureInstead she has to hand it over -she’s received a threatening letter😡Is this what the BBC has sunk to?Making the elderly part with their savingsTurkey and Tinsel […]

Judge and Jury

Whatever happened to the ‘old’ BBC news?Just can’t watch now without blowing a fuseHave the news readers acquired new powers?Plugging personal views over the hours?When did it change from being impartial?Making the news dangerous and harmful How are the readers changing news stories?Becoming the judge and flipping juryIt’s causing resentment and embittered divideIt’s not up […]


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