The Bingo Bus!

Everyone’s a winner!!!!
The Bingo Bus!

All waiting in queue for the bingo bus
‘’The step is too high” you can hear them cuss
It took ages to settle and clamber aboard
We set off on time - Thank the lord!

We got down the road, I heard cry’s of dismay
I looked in the mirror to see Mavis - in disarray
Ruby bent over - heads nearly kissing
It was all over Mavis’s dabber, gone missing

It had rolled out her bag - on the bingo bus floor
They were all hot and sweaty, could smell Christian Di’or
It was eventually captured by the gearstick lever
Bingo night transformed into, Saturday night fever

We got all our cards and dashed to our seats
Maureen kicks off her shoes, for swollen feet 🦶
All sat ready - prepared for eyes 👀 down
Ruby passing the werthers around

The tension gets higher, only one number to go
Gerties eyes start watering - she blows her nose
Doris concentrating tongue sticking out
Quivering with excitement, ready to shout

Sat waiting red faced and ready to burst
Will it be my number? Will I get there first!
Blood pressure high on the Richter scale
Did I miss a number? I just cannot fail

The winner was someone across the hall
We were sad, but there’s other games after all
We decided to try the slot machines 🎰 instead
Then home to recover, then Horlicks and bed 🛌

Kim hicks May 2020©️

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