Still on lockdown

Zombie world!
Still on lockdown 

Another week in lockdown isolation at home
Only life outside is by computer or phone
It’s a strange life now the quietest it’s ever been
Got ourselves a weird but workable routine

We now are so excited when the postman calls
Incredible what’s changed inside these four walls
Never knew the Postman - certainly not by name
Didn’t even notice when he even came?

It really should be heaven a duvet day again
Only now it’s not a choice it’s becoming a pain
You’ve realised what you thought was a good idea
Going back to work is something you would cheer!

Looking out the window visits to the fridge?
It’s really turning into a regular pilgrimage
Running out of household chores and things to do
When it’s back to normal I really have no clue

Don’t know the days? all merge into one
Go to bed in darkness get up with the sun
Doesn’t matter what day of the week it is
Watching midsommer murders or a boring quiz

Can’t imagine going out or jumping on a bus
Can’t believe something simple would cause such a fuss
Meet friends for a drink and maybe a meal
Can’t imagine it now just doesn’t seem real

To go into a pub, with a heaving crowd
Would it all be too much? Too sensory too loud?
Might have to go slowly do a ‘dummy run’
Who knows? we’ll have wait for that day to come

Kim hicks May 2020©️

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