The remote control

Remote control
Remote Control

I came home from shopping and was shocked to the core
To find my Reginald, writhing on the floor?
I stopped dead in my tracks, looked at his face
It looked like someone had burgled the place?

The look of terror shocked me the most
Had my Reginald seen a ghost?
The dog shot upstairs with terror and fright
The same look he has on bonfire night

I placed down my bags with worry and concern
Had Reginald had a fit? A funny turn?
He eventually spoke, I listened with earnest
What I thought was the problem - couldn’t have be the furthest

‘I’ve lost the remote control “ he cried
Well ~ I thought his brain had fried
I tried to reason saying “it doesn’t matter”
WHAT he cried - my life’s in tatters

I suggested the radio or, a chat
Noooo, he was having none or that!
It’s the telly or nothing and him sat in his chair
How dare I suggest it - that look - that stare!

He wouldn’t be settled until it’s Back in its place
Where has it gone? I’ll just stare into space!
Oh my god, it’s Really the end of his world
The cat was sat on it!! tail still curled

We eventually could get back to normal
Tided up and made things more formal
Peace and tranquility kicking back in
Just in time for the next drama to begin!

Kim hicks May 2020©️

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