Until it’s gone

Until it’s gone

Its only when things go really wrong
You find you had everything all along
Things that were important causing sleepless nights
Who would’ve thought this would be in our sights?

Money and possessions now seemingly unstable
When all you want is food on the table
We’ve learnt very fast to prioritise
Reset our goals and acclimatise

Still shell shocked by the sudden change
Will have to adapt and rearrange
It’s a different world we live in now
How we progress? we won’t know how?

The news on the telly is incredibly grim
What’s the next bombshell will it bring?
Pray we get through this all in one piece
Hopefully this fear and confusion will cease

It’s just not knowing - we’re in the unknown
Have the seeds already been sewn?
When it’s all over and all is much finer
Maybe we should have a little chat with China? 🇨🇳

Possibly would be less aggression and calmer
In this situation perhaps president Obama?
Not that he would ‘sort it’, he wouldn’t dare
Probably better off with the yellow hair!!

Kim hicks gmail.com May 2020©️

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