Don’t hold your breath!!

The world is waiting

We thought we were nearly home and dry
But now it seems all Just ‘pie in the sky’
So much for a holiday - for which we all crave
It now looks like we’re in for a second wave

Shops and businesses going down the pan
The economy has really hit the fan
If we come out of this all in one piece
with all our marbles - and not obese

We can claim from the government fifty quid
To repair our bikes as we’ve overdid 🐷🍔🍕
They’ve now come up with this brilliant solution
To curb obesity and pollution

Get us as a nation healthy and fit
To stop this virus 🦠 to transmit
Get the economy booming again
So hold your breath and wait till then

It’s scary not knowing our fate at the ending
The kids back to school they’re talking of sending
Is it safe? we have no previous knowledge
to send them back to school or college

It’s all so unprecedented and never before
not wearing a mask now is against the law
Hopefully we’ll stop feeling frightened to death
We’ll pray for a vaccine but..... don’t hold your breath July 2020©️

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